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APT continues to forge relationships with the traditional land owners to keep the Kimberley pristine, preserve Aboriginal culture and nurture a flourishing Indigenous future.

Respecting the Environment & Aboriginal Culture

As a trusted and pioneering provider of life-enriching holiday experiences, APT has a dual responsibility to both our customers, and to the unique cultures and environments to which we take them. In fulfilling these responsibilities, we’ll take you on an incredible journey into pristine ecosystems while you explore ancient traditions and cultures – and we’ll leave them all intact.

Partnering Wunan for a Sustainable Future

Wunan was established in 1997 to drive long-term socio-economic change for Aboriginal people, and APT is proud of its partnership with this vital organisation. Through our touring program, financial investment and network of wilderness lodges in the Kimberley, we assist Wunan in several ways. Employment opportunities for local Indigenous people have been created by the construction, maintenance and operation of our wilderness lodges. By travelling with us, you are directly assisting the community development of the Kimberley’s Indigenous population.

See through Indigenous Eyes

Not only will you benefit from staying in locations that boast remarkable landscapes, you may also be joined by local Aboriginal guides who’ll offer invaluable insight into the region. They’ll enlighten you with fascinating stories, leaving you with a greater appreciation for this ancient land.

Enjoy Exclusive Access

APT’s relationship with Wunan and local traditional land owners enables access to special places. It has led to the construction of several permanent wilderness lodges and access to the land on which our lodges are established. Without our partnership with Wunan, we wouldn't have been able to establish our lodges in the great locations they are today. This means you’ll enjoy an experience that is only available to APT guests.

Proudly Giving Back to the Local Community

At APT, we take great pride and are devoted to help local Indigenous people, both young and old, reach their potential and pursue their goals. In 2012, we donated $250,000 to help with the running of a remote Indigenous community and educating the children in it. Of this, $60,000 went towards the cost of employing two teachers to help educate the school children of the Mitchell Plateau’s Kandiwal community. And with plans to bring reliable electricity to this remote region, $190,000 was put towards a new power plant for the community.

The talented artists of the Imintji community near Bell Gorge Wilderness Lodge have been able to follow their passion when we supplied them with art material this year. Our wilderness lodges provide exhibition spaces, giving you the chance to purchase their artwork, and help the artists fulfil their dreams.


Partnering Wunan
ImageAPT's involvement with Wunan is a very important partnership for both APT and Wunan. Through our touring program, financial investment and network of wilderness lodges throughout the Kimberley we are able to assist Wunan in providing training, resources and employment opportunities to the local Indigenous people. An example of this is the construction, maintenance and operation of our wilderness lodges and camp. This support goes a long way to helping Wunan achieve their goals. By travelling on a Kimberley Wilderness Adventure you are directly assisting in the community development of the Kimberley's Indigenous population.
Mr Ian Trust
- Chairman, Wunan Foundation Indigenous Partnership

Wunan was established in 1997 to drive long-term socio-economic change for Aboriginal people by providing real opportunities, investing in people's abilities, and by encouraging and rewarding aspiration and self-responsibility. Wunan is committed to providing solutions in education, training and employment as well as accommodation and housing, with a long-term goal of reducing the number of Indigenous Australians in the Kimberley region having to rely on welfare. Wunan believes if they can achieve these goals it will help change the perceptions of non-Indigenous people.

'Wunan' What's in a name?
Wunan Foundation'Wunan' refers to a traditional ritual of the Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley to describe an occasion where effective trade occurs. The meaning also encompasses caring and sharing.www.wunan.org.au


Click here to view the Wunan Foundation website